Simple Limited Backup Script

I was setting up cron tasks for updating and backing up this site today and wrote a very simple script to backup mysql and keep only the 10 most recent backups. Check it out:

date=<code>date +%m%d%Y-%H%M%S</code>
cd $@
mysqldump --user=backupuser --password="mysqluserpassword" --all-databases --add-drop-table 2>/dev/null > mysql-backup-$date.sql

ls -t \| tail -n +11 \| xargs rm &>/dev/null

This script dumps all databases and saves it as mysql-backup-$date.sql where $date is "MonthDayFullyear-HourMinSec" in a directory passed as an argument. Then it does an ls -t on the directory the backups are stored in (-t sorts ascending by date) then tail-ing lines 11 and up, ignoring the first 10. This is then fed to xargs rm to remove all but the 10 newest backups. I thought it was neat because it doesn't even require an if statement but still gets the job done. Obviously this can be used for other types of backups, too; just use the last line of this script after backing things up and you are good to go!

(the user backupuser only has read permissions on the DBs, so putting the password in this script isn't such a big deal)