Cobalt Strike 2.4 on Kali 2.0

Cobalt Strike 3.0 came out lacking metasploit integration. Also, Cobalt Strike 2.4 (grab that here if you need it) doesn't work with the version of Metasploit that is built into Kali 2.0. That's okay, because you can still compile the metasploit framework to work with Cobalt Strike 2.4.

curl -sSL \| bash -s stable
source /usr/local/rvm/scripts/rvm
apt-get install libpq-dev libpcap-dev
service postgresql start
exit (this was to make sure the msf database was created)
rvm install 1.9.3
cd /usr/share
git clone cs-msf
cd cs-msf
git checkout dc48987
rvm use 1.9.3
bundle install
for i in msf*;do update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/$i $i $PWD/$i 1;done
cd ../metasploit-framework
for i in msf*;do update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/$i $i $PWD/$i 2;done
rm -rf $(dirname $(which msfconsole))/msf*
update-alternatives --config msfrpcd < <(echo 1)
cp /usr/share/metasploit-framework/config/database.yml /usr/share/cs-msf/config
export MSF_DATABASE_CONFIG=/usr/share/cs-msf/config/database.yml

Then, edit the database.yml file @ /usr/share/cs-msf/config/database.yml:

  • Delete the &pgsql after development
  • Delete all profiles after development (after first line with nothing on it)
  • Change development to production (1st line)
  • Save the file
You should now be able to run cobalt strike 2.4 just fine.

To switch back just open a new terminal OR:

update-alternatives --config msfrpcd < <(echo 0)
rvm use system

And the next time you want to use 2.4 (put this in a script):

source /usr/local/rvm/scripts/rvm
rvm use 1.9.3
update-alternatives --config msfrpcd < <(echo 1)
export MSF_DATABASE_CONFIG=/usr/share/cs-msf/config/database.yml 
./cobaltstrike &>/dev/null &disown
read -p "Press enter once the RPC server has started up..." i
update-alternatives --config msfrpcd < <(echo 0)

I'm pretty sure there is a more elegant way to do this rather than using update-alternatives... but this works for now. As a side note... tracking down the exact revision where ruby 2.1 became a dependency was terrible. Yes, this is the absolute LAST commit you can get and compile without ruby 2.1. I might update this with a solution for later versions of metasploit before the MsgPack library update (which breaks cobaltstrike much more than I'm willing to fix!).