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  1. Finding the Base of the Windows Kernel

    Recently-ish (~2020), Microsoft changed the way the kernel image is mapped and also some implementation details of hal.dll. The kernel changes have caused existing methods of finding the base of the kernel via shellcode or a leak and arbitrary read to crash. This obviously isn't great, so I decided to figure out a way around the issue to support some code I've been writing in my free time (maybe more on that later).

    Our discussion is going to start at Windows 10 1903 and then move up through Windows 10 21H2. These changes are also still present in Windows 11.

    What's the point(er)?

    Finding the base of the kernel is important for kernel exploits and kernel shellcode. If you can find the base of the kernel you can look up functions inside of it via the export table in its PE header. Various functions inside of the kernel allow you to allocate memory, start threads, and resolve other kernel module bases via the PsLoadedModuleList. Without being able to utilize kernel routines and symbols, you're pretty limited in what you can do if you're executing in kernel. Hopefully this clarifies why this post is even necessary.


    Check out the full post for more details!
  2. Python for Hackers

    This is getting posted a bit late, but here is a presentation I gave remote for RIT's Competitive Cybersecurity Club Conference (RC4) 2016 on python tricks for hackers. It's a collection of things that I often use within python that make writing functional tools easier.