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  1. Autoruns Bypasses

    Autoruns is a tool that is part of the Microsoft Sysinternals suite. It comes in permutations of console/GUI and 32/64 bit versions. Its main purpose is to detect programs, scripts, and other items that run either periodically or at login. It's a fantastic tool for blue teams to find persistent execution, but it is not perfect! By default, autoruns hides entries that are considered "Windows" entries (Options menu -> Hide Windows Entries). There is a checkbox to unhide them, but it introduces a lot of noise. In my preparations to red team for the Information Security Talent Search (ISTS) at RIT and the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Comptition (MACCDC) this year I found a few ways to hide myself among the Windows entries reported in Autoruns.

    For some prior work done in this area check out Huntress Labs's research and Conscious Hacker's research.


    Check out the full post for more details!